Feedback Analysis

The Institute adheres to a comprehensive practice of gathering structured input for the design and review of syllabi from diverse stakeholders including teachers, students, alumni, professionals, and employers. These feedback mechanisms encompass evaluating the relevance of objectives and scope, the adaptability of content, its alignment with evolving technological and societal trends, teaching methodologies, and the utilization of infrastructure to foster essential skills, knowledge, and human values.

The insights garnered from stakeholders are instrumental in fostering an enriching academic environment and bridging any curriculum gaps vis-à-vis student requirements and demand in dentistry. The feedback serves as a catalyst for developing and enhancing infrastructure facilities, ensuring seamless institutional operations, refining faculty pedagogy, boosting opportunities for higher education, and nurturing students' subject expertise.

Annual feedback sessions are conducted with all stakeholders, with students providing input once per year. These sessions delve into various facets such as teaching efficacy, subject mastery with improvement in hand skills, pedagogical approaches, motivational strategies, and facility utilization. This iterative process not only aids in syllabus refinement but also cultivates faculty proficiency and subject acumen.

Alumni gatherings or individual interactions prompt feedback on curriculum and infrastructure, guiding adjustments to meet evolving needs. Employers' perspectives are also sought, with a focus on technology advancements and clinical expertise. Recommendations stemming from employer feedback are presented to the members of the Curriculum Committee, leveraging the expertise of Heads of all the Departments, scientific and academic experts to inform curriculum updates and infrastructure enhancements.

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