Dr. Naga Sirisha Chundru
(Professor & Head of Department)


  • The department of oral pathology and microbiology plays a key role in diagnosing diseases of oral and Paraoral structures. A diagnostic lab is the pulse of this specialty and is provided with amenities of hematology, biochemical analysis, cytology and Histo-Pathology which helps in accurate diagnosis and treatment plan of the diseases.
  • The department apart from Lab Investigations, also guides the students in learning the microscopic study of histological as well as pathological tissues and thus lays foundation step for their education in dentistry. The students are enriched with knowledge of dentistry by an experienced and dedicated faculty of the department who are always ready to guide the students.
  • The department is committed to inculcate positive virtues of discipline, moral commitment and accountability. The students are encouraged to make the optimum use of the available services for self development.


  • Well established and equipped histopathology & hematology laboratory.
  • Well furnished Student lab along with 60 monocular compound microscopes.
  • Audio –Visual Aids to train students.
  • Teaching aids like hard copies of histology and histopathology diagrams and soft and hard tissue specimens, cast models.


Experienced and enthusiastic faculties for each and every subject recruited from reputed colleges, universities and well known educational institutions.
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